On 1st January 2022

“Lakshaarchanai” means chanting the glory of the Almighty through mantras a hundred thousand times.

Devotees who are unable to come to the temple may register their names with their birth star details for Latchaarchanai. Prasadam & 2023 Calendar would be delivered to their homes. 

Devotees can also make the payment for ‘Lakshaarchanai’ through the below QR Code. 

Please email payment confirmation along with ‘Name, Gothram (optionals), Raasi, Nakshatram and Prasadham courier Address’ to

To Pay, Scan The QR Code Using Your Bank’s QR App

When we participate in Lakshaarchanai, 

1. Our sins subside.

2. The Grace of Baba will be obtained.

3. Flaws in horoscopes would be eradicated.

4. Any obstacles in initiating new projects would be removed.

5. Children’s education would flourish.

6. Debt brudens will clear. 

7. Mental stress and physical ailment would be cured. 

8. Unity of family members will be enhanced.

9. Childless couples will be blessed with progency.

10. Advancement in job and business  

We thank you in advance for your participation. May South Shirdi Sai Baba bless you and your family with the best of health, wealth, peace and prosperity.